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Why Regular Gutter Cleaning Is Vital

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

Maintaining clean gutters, completely free of any debris, should be a top priority for all of us. This minimises the potential for, what can be costly damage to your home as well as repairs that might otherwise be completely unnecessary.

However, we fully appreciate that it is very easy to allow gutter cleaning to fall to the bottom of the list of jobs around the home that need to be completed. It's not usually anyone’s first choice of job, and it can be risky and challenging too. Before you know it, several years have passed since your gutters have received any attention from you. However, let us explain why gutter cleaning must be done on a regular basis.

Why Should My Gutters Be Cleaned Regularly?

Living in the United Kingdom, which is known across the world for one thing: its weather, particularly the rain. And when you combine this with the fact that our Autumn lasts for such a long time, which means that our trees continue to shed their leaves, and then you add in the fact that this is combined with a lot of wind, our gutters and downpipes are extremely likely to become at least partially blocked if you do not make gutter cleaning a priority.

Blocked gutters are a genuine threat to your property that must be avoided. They are capable of causing structural damage to the interior as well as the exterior of the building, which can result in extremely costly property repairs for you. However, this drama can all be avoided by maintaining a regular gutter cleaning schedule.

A one-off clean will produce great results, but only for a while. If you don't have a professional take care of it, there is a good chance that it will not be completed correctly or effectively. Furthermore, you are likely to forget about it completely until it’s too late.

Why Should You Hire Professionals To Complete Your Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter cleaning is a task that very few homeowners are equipped or trained to handle, either because they lack the necessary equipment to carry out the job effectively or because they lack the necessary abilities to handle it.

Many mistakenly believe that gutter cleaning simply involves climbing a ladder and transferring the debris into a bag or bucket. Believe us, to do the job correctly there is a lot more involved than that.

First, and we can’t stress this enough, an inexperienced, untrained person should not attempt to work from a ladder at height, even if they have a ladder that can reach up to the gutter. In addition, it is so easy to put an excessive amount of weight on the gutter, particularly plastic guttering during this process, which has the potential to cause even more damage and result in expensive repairs and gutter replacements.

If you try gutter cleaning using the incorrect tool, such as a metal scraper in a pipe made of plastic, or if you accidentally push the blockage farther into the downpipe, or if you disrupt a wasps' nest, you could end up causing additional damage and expense.

Most importantly a ladder is, without a doubt, a dangerous working environment. Any work at height presents a real danger, for example, a ladder can easily slip when placed directly onto a gutter, which can result in serious injury or worse. While up a ladder performing gutter cleaning it’s very easy to overstretch, even just a few inches, which can result in the ladder slipping or falling. Clean gutters are not worth the risk to your life.

What Do I Look For In A Reputable Professional Gutter Cleaning Service?

A reliable and competent gutter cleaning company, such as 4 Seasons Professional Cleaning Services, will ensure that all of the members of their gutter cleaning crews have received adequate training and are fully covered by insurance. When combined with professional gutter cleaning tools like inspection cameras and gutter vacuum equipment that do not require the use of ladders, the job is made much simpler, more efficient, and less time-consuming.

Expert gutter cleaners will perform small repairs as part of the cleaning process. However, the most essential benefit of regular inspections is that they will be able to discover problems that are getting worse before they become more serious problems, such as cracks in gutters or downpipes. If you are having specific concerns, they will also be able to provide guidance on addressing those issues too.

Last but not least, a professional gutter cleaning business, like 4 Seasons, will not leave the work until the entire pipe and gutter system have been fully checked before they go. By doing this, you can be completely confident that the task has been completed effectively and that there will be no unpleasant surprises when the heavy rains return.

Who Really Needs To Have Their Gutters Cleaned By A Professional?

In a nutshell, an essential component of caring for any property is having your gutter cleaning carried out professionally on a regular basis. At 4 Seasons, and bearing in mind our local weather, we recommend a yearly check and cleaning of your gutters and downpipes.

This is extremely important for homeowners, landlords, property managers, and owners of commercial properties too. Cleaning and inspecting your gutters on a yearly basis will keep you one step ahead of any potential problems and large repair costs.

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