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Window Cleaning

In 1997, window cleaning was our primary business; we set up with a ladder and bucket and got to work. More than 25 years later, window cleaning has undergone a significant transformation, largely as a result of the great advancements in the development of the tools we use, which when combined with science, produce unrivalled cleaning results. Let us explain...

The Science

window cleaning

4 Seasons Professional Cleaning Services have made significant investments in state-of-the-art Pure Water Window Cleaning Equipment in recent years.


We use water that has been processed via a variety of filters and resins, all of which function to remove the minerals and other natural pollutants present in water.


This method allows for the production of completely pure water, which makes it an excellent cleaning product because...

  • It leeches the dirt from your window easily

  • Its purity means that after rinsing and naturally drying there is no marking of your glass, no runs, no smears, just clean glass.

  • There is no need to use detergents or other chemicals that harm the environment, can harm pets and plants, and that over time can damage frames and sills.

  • Windows stay cleaner for longer. As detergents leave a residue that attracts dirt, on average, windows cleaned with Ultra Pure DI water remain much cleaner for a longer time.

Practical Benefits

The long extendable carbon fibre poles used along with the Pure Water System Equipment also provide many practical advantages over traditional window cleaning. For example...

  • Replaces the need for ladder work which eliminates any work at height issues such as hurt or harm caused to the Window Cleaner, but equally as important, no danger of damage caused to your property caused by falling equipment & ladders.

  • Eliminates the need for climbing on roofs etc, thus reducing the risk of damage to your property.

  • No more unsightly ladder marks in your lawns and gardens.

  • Increases your privacy as you no longer need to worry about being startled by the sight of a window cleaner at your bedroom window. It's your home & you are entitled to your privacy.

  • The carefully designed Brush removes even the most stubborn stains on your glass.

  • Produces great results every time.

window cleaning
window cleaning

If it's more convenient for you, 4 Seasons  offers a regular monthly or 2-monthly window cleaning service to all of our customers, commercial and domestic. We're here whenever you need us. Depending on how long it has been since your last clean, your initial window clean may cost a bit more than your regular pricing. After the initial deep clean, having your windows and frames cleaned on a monthly basis will keep them in great condition 

There is no need to be at home when we call to carry out your window cleaning, because to supply our water-fed poles, our vans are fitted with a large pure water tank and pumps to deliver the water to your windows.  When we are finished cleaning your windows, we leave a calling card in your letterbox to let you know we were there. You may easily make a payment online using Bacs or by sending a cheque in the mail.


Our Promise

People frequently tell us at 4 Seasons that they "think" they have a window cleaner but are unsure because the service is, at best, irregular.


It is surprising to us that some tolerate such a poor, unprofessional level of window cleaning service on their home, which is, after all, typically people's most valuable possession. 

We presume that the reason why people are compelled to use such unreliable services is due to a lack of choice of window cleaners in their area.


We can solve that problem for you, we are here to offer superior quality, trustworthiness, reliability, and a better choice for you when choosing a reliable window cleaning service. Call us now to discuss your requirements on 07940 562969, we are here to help.

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