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5 Reasons Why Regular Window Cleaning is so Important?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Our homes all have them, It would be a dull home without them, we're obviously talking about windows. Imagine a world without them, but maybe sometimes many underappreciate and fail to maintain them in the way we should. After all who of you gets up each morning and forgets to brush your teeth? But when it comes to cleaning windows, quite often this is something that isn't given much thought at all.

Let us highlight to you 5 important reasons why regular window cleaning is just as important as regularly cleaning our teeth.

Regular Window Cleaning Can Save You Time.

Cleaning the windows of your home is a time-consuming task. Unfortunately, there is no getting around the amount of effort required to complete the job effectively. And that is not to mention the safety issues it presents, particularly if you live in a home of more than one storey.

Having a regular window cleaning program, carried out by professional, reputable and trustworthy window cleaners, in your area allows you to focus on your work while they focus on theirs.

Professional window cleaners will produce better results, even longer lasting results due to the use of the latest pure water window cleaning equipment. Let them use their time to save you time. We recommend a monthly window cleaning program for most homes.

Regular Window Cleaning Can Extend The Life Of Your Windows.

Debris can accumulate on your windows, sills, and window frames as a result of acid rain and hard water. Aside from being unsightly, acid rain can cause damage to your glass windows and your frames over time.

Glass is porous, meaning over time dirt particles penetrate the pores of the glass, contaminating and corroding it. The first thing you might notice are some little scrapes or cracks, sometimes discolouration or hazing occurs, ruining the clarity of your windows. Frames that are not regularly cleaned can begin to oxidise and lose their shine and attractive gleam. An unmaintained window will eventually require replacement.

Regular window cleaning of your property will prevent this from happening and will undoubtedly extend the life of your windows and frames significantly. Our recommendation is that all windows are cleaned at least once per month.

Regular Window Cleaning Will Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Property.

This might be one of the most surprising, and underappreciated benefits of having your homes windows cleaned on a regular basis.

By maintaining their appearance with regular window cleaning, you will undoubtedly be improving the energy efficiency of your home, it’s a fact backed by science. You see, all of the things that can make your windows dirty, such as dust and dirt, water marks, finger marks and the residue of birds will block and reflect UV light and prevent the natural warmth from the sun penetrating the glass to its fullest extent.

By keeping your glass consistently and well cleaned you can directly help to improve your heating efficiency and reduce your heating bills, and don’t we need all of the help we can get with our heating bills. Whoever thought that regular window cleaning could actually save you money in the long term.

Regular Window Cleaning Can Improve Our Outlook.

Of course, having regular window cleaning carried out on your home will improve visibility, literally your unique view of the outside world is clarified, improved by the windows being clean. When you look out of your window the view is clear, bright and vivid, colours seem brighter, details seem more vivid, giving us a much more pleasurable experience than looking out through marked, scratched or dirty windows.

Another direct result is that more light is let into your home, everything inside the home feels brighter and that alone can have a really positive effect on our own mood and outlook too. A lovely side effect of regularly cleaned windows.

Regular Window Cleaning Will Improve The Impression Others Will Have Of Your Property.

However hard you work to clean your home on the inside, a dirty exterior, including dirty windows, will make it look unappealing from the outside.

On the other hand, sparkling clean windows and frames will add to your home’s appeal and value. When your windows are clean, your whole home will shine. So, ensuring windows and frames are free from dirt and grime will enhance your home’s distinctive design and leave a fantastic first impression on your guests and passers-by.

Professional window cleaners can make the job quick and easy, using modern window cleaning tools and methods, involving the use of pure water, without the use of any chemicals, they will not only clean the glass, as was true of traditional window cleaning methods, but will also include cleaning of your frames and sills at the same time. Your white frames, for instance, will remain white.

Combined with regular exterior cleaning, such as having your gutters cleaned, your fascia’s and soffits cleaned and even a bit of pressure washing to your hard surfaces, and your home will always look it’s best, exactly as you would want it to.

Not only will this improve the look of your home, but it is also good for your home’s value, particularly important if you are considering selling your property.

Consider carefully having your windows cleaned regularly, if you don't already. The climate and outside conditions in the UK mean that a monthly window cleaning schedule is vital to maintain the cleanliness of your windows effectively.

As discussed this will not only effect your glass, but also your frames and sills too, will improve the whole look of your home, will improve the energy efficiency of your home may even affect your own outlook too.

A Final Tip - Always ensure that your window cleaner is fully insured for your peace of mind.

Live in Northumberland, Need reliable, trustworthy and friendly window cleaning, gutter cleaning or uPVC cleaning? Then look no further than 4 Seasons Professional Cleaning Services. Get in touch using the Form on the 'Contact' page of our website or Call Us Now on 07940 562969

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