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How To Spot Blocked Gutters

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

It is always better to prevent blocked gutters than to treat them. It is not easy to recognise the signs, and often, by the time you do the damage has already been done. Regular gutter cleaning prevents such issues. In the UK, where the weather and deciduous trees cause problems, cleaning your gutters regularly is a must.

Blocked gutters can cause several problems.

Gutters are the first line of defence protecting your house from water damage caused by rain. A clogged gutter, on the other hand, causes problems and unwanted repair costs, not to mention other problems that may result. A clogged gutter is a clear sign that it's time to clean and maintain them.

Visual gutter checks.

Look at the gutters and downpipes around your house, or if you can, from an upstairs window. There will be certain signs that your gutter is blocked and gutter cleaning is required.

Answer these questions to determine whether you need to call a gutter cleaning service:

  1. Can I see an obvious blockage in the gutter?

  2. Can I see water flowing over the edge of any gutter?

  3. Is the gutter dripping at any point?

  4. Are my fascias heavily watermarked or rotting?

  5. Are birds using the gutters to bathe in?

  6. Can I see a wasp nest, or other nesting insects around the gutters?

  7. Do I have any vegetation growing from the gutters?

  8. Do I have any misshapen, bulged, or bending pipes?

Positive answers to any of these questions indicate that your gutters are blocked, and it is time for gutter cleaning before problems become serious.

Ground Level Visual Check.

Even if you haven’t noticed any of the issues listed above, your gutters might still be clogged. If the blockage is within the pipe, the issue is presented differently. Consider:

  1. Is there a lot of splashback happening at ground level?

  2. Can I see any cracks in the foundations?

  3. Is any of my pointing or brickwork damaged?

  4. Is any part of an exterior wall green, discoloured, or mouldy?

You need to arrange gutter cleaning immediately if you answered 'yes' to any of these questions. These are all warning signs of ongoing damage to your home caused by blocked gutters. To prevent the damage from becoming costly, you should address the issue now.

Having a gutter problem that can't be seen is a big problem.

Look Inside Your Home For Signs Of Damage.

A dripping roof or watermarks on the ceilings don't automatically mean there's a problem with the tiling or roof itself. If the gutters are blocked, rainwater backs up beneath the roof, causing internal leaks and mould. When you have these issues in your home, your gutters should be checked for a blockage, as this will most likely be your easiest solution and it is better to avoid a problem than to deal with it after it has arisen.

It is always better to prevent blocked gutters than to treat them after the fact, even though it can be difficult to spot them. Even if you are unable to tell whether your gutters are blocked, damage may have already occurred. Regularly cleaning your gutters prevents such issues. In the UK, the weather and our deciduous trees all cause a challenge to our gutters and downpipes, and therefore it is vitally important that we hire a professional gutter cleaning company such as ourselves, 4 Seasons Professional Cleaning Services, who, using professional gutter vacuum cleaning equipment will restore your gutters to their best.

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